Hi. My name is Brad Koerner and this is a memoir which covers about a 30 plus year period of my life from around 1982 to the present. I am compelled to write this book because I’ve come to realize that I’ve led this pretty amazing life. You might even say unbelievable. I will say here, that everything written here is exactly as it happened or damn close to it. It is not exaggerated, it is not a lie. I say that because some of the things that happened to me you may not believe. I’m not here to try to amaze people, but the story itself will probably amaze you. And this book has always been about the story. The driving force has always been the story. I felt if I didn’t write this book, I always regret it. 

Another point I’ll make here is that NONE of this was planned. I just went with the flow, had no fear and had a hell of a lot of luck or maybe a Guardian Angel helping me out. I’m not sure but I had help of some sort, that I’m sure of. In fact, when I write all of these stories from memory, I often wonder, who the hell is this guy? I almost don’t recognize him. I wish I was  more like him today. I’m not. 

I’m not going to get into any particular stories here or much detail of the journey, but instead a brief synopsis of the journey. A timeline if you will. Oh, one other thing I have to offer besides this story of mine. Images. I’ve got lots of pictures that I somehow ended up with over the years. Anod again, I’m not going into detail here, just a sort of timeline which includes place, job and year, and maybe a photo. 

One last point I’d like to make, or underline. I really don’t know what made me tick and live the life I led. Basically one thing led to another and and I was somehow driven. I can’t exactly explain it but I’ve looked at it in depth and I have some theory’s. 

I start this memoir at a point when I was down and out you might say. I was living in a garage…